About Us

Preserving the Environment or Pushing for Development?


What matters most?


Today, everyone in the world agrees that what is required is development with an environment friendly agenda. The days of unfettered development are all but over.

Economists from all over the world are looking towards green development, environment friendly ways to generate power with renewable sources, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, reducing carbon footprint and replacing the use and dispose culture with reduce, recycle and reuse paradigm.


Presenting Green Force Environmental Awareness !

While there is a universal demand for renewable sources of power and green development, there is a serious shortage of companies delivering precisely these solutions in an affordable, economically viable and sustainable manner.

Green Force.pro bridges this gap by providing professional EPC services and solutions in the domain of Solar Power Generation system installations.

We have the domain expertise in solar power technology as well as experience to handle large scale contract execution within budgets in a time bound manner.


Our range of services include:


1. Solar Energy Harnessing PV & CSP
2. Energy Efficiency Devices
3. Thermal Applications i.e. Cooling, Heating
4. Steam Processing of Food, Textiles, Industrial Usage
5. Energy from Bio Mass- and Waste
6. Water Desalination/ Purification of Water